Will We Move House?

I hope so, but there were a couple of hours earlier this week when I thought it might all fall apart. I had rung up our estate agents to say that things looked good to start setting a date. The next day, Nikki, our agent rang back to say she had spoken to our buyers and they were happy with a date, but when she spoke to the people we are buying from, he went off on a strop and said that his solicitors hadn’t heard from ours, and if they didn’t in the next hour he was pulling out and that he had a cash buyer at full asking price. This was more than a little shocking. I was promptly on the phone to my lawyer, and had to wait for him to ring back. When he did he said he had in fact emailed the other legal beagles that morning and had received an email back, so it was strange for anyone to claim there had been no contact. That all seemed good. I left a message with our agents about this, and tried to call the agents selling the house we’re buying. Unfortunately the right person was out, and it wasn’t until nearly 6 before I spoke to her, which meant I spent most of the afternoon in a bit of a fizz waiting to hear all was in fact okay. She confirmed this, and had some choice words about our sellers.

Right now, we are in a position where our lawyer is saying we are going for contract exchange next week, and the target completion date is July 4th. So Hannah and I are set up to have our first child one week, and move house the following week. Stress – love it!


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