All’s Well

We’ve got through today with no more dodgy symptoms. The two traces Hannah has had have shown good variablity and plenty of movement from the baby. Her BP is okay, and her blood sugars have come down (they were high yesterday, possibly because of ice cream at the cinema, but more likely just that she hadn’t increased her insulin in response to the expected rising blood sugars at the end of pregnancy). Unfortunately she didn’t get let out, so I spent most of the day with her in her room. I took a load of DVDs in for her to watch on her laptop. We watched Elizabethtown. No a film I had heard of. It was a bit longwinded, and didn’t really suit our mood. Probably better if you want an introspective on relationships (father-son, inter-family, couples), travel, music, success/failure and death. It packed rather a lot of soul searching in with no real impact.

Apart from that, we passed the day okay. Hannah’s friend Paula dropped in for a chat and she had a phone call from her Dad. It’s good that people are keeping in touch with her while in hospital, and I know she appreciates it deeply.

On a separate note, apparently two of the midwives are arguing over who gets to go in with Hannah to the c-section. She has got that much of a popular and established fixture on the ward. If it’s quiet enough on the ward they’ll be lucky and both be able to come in. I wonder if that will leave less room for me?


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