Final Night

This is our last night of being DINKYs. Hannah was allowed out this evening to go to her friend Paula’s birthday meal, which was good for her (getting out always is). Back at the hospital we had a nice evening sorting out some last few things, and taking a couple of final photos (camera is at the hospital so I can’t upload them).

I have to be at the hospital at 7:30am tomorrow. Hannah is on a sliding scale of insulin/glucose overnight, and they need to wake her every hour to take a blood sugar measurement. Neither of us will get much sleep. Good practice for the future! Hannah says she is looking forward to the course of morphine she gets after the operation, but I think she is just putting a brave face on. She has been told that this operation will actually be less painful than her eye ops and I hope that is the case.

We got phone calls from Miriam and Rachel, who were both very excited. More so than Hannah and I. I think that is because we have as much trepidation as excitement about what is coming tomorrow. Once the main event is over and everything is okay, then I think we can enjoy it, though Hannah could be enjoying the morphine rather more.

Thanks to everyone who have sent their best wishes and prayers. It is much appreciated by both of us.


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