Day 1

Official parlance has yesterday as Day 0 (they count like C, not Java), so today is Day 1 for Ella. So far today she has eaten well, slept well and pooed well. I have been working at home and went to see Hannah and Ella at lunchtime. I got the ‘opportunity’ to change her nappy with Hannah. Hannah is out of bed, having been disconnected from all her bits and pieces. I was a bit surprised to find her bed empty when I arrived. She has always been in it, either because she was post-op or rendered immobile by her oedema. In fact, on this occasion she was hiding behind the door with Ella sleeping on her lap.

The ward is very busy, so she hasn’t had much attention today. When I was there, Ella hadn’t been checked over since 7am. On one hand that is good, because it reduces the risk of NICU taking her away, on the other it increases the risk of something bad going undetected. Nonetheless, she was looking very healthy. This afternoon a paediatrician has been in and carried out various checks and pronounced Ella healthy and beautiful.

2 Responses to “Day 1”

  1. ANTHONY S Says:

    Ella, my niece, is a beuatiful baby. I visited her today in St Mary’s and was completely overwhelmed by her. I’m so proud of my sister Hannah, who has been amazing and will be a brilliant mother. Ella has wonderful parents and we all love her very much, lots of love from Rachel xx

  2. Anonymous Says:

    You should be shot for that “C not Java” comment you sad man. This is a baby blog not a geek one. I get my fill of geek stuff from Greg’s blog… I also think you’re wrong. Arrays in Java also start at 0. Please clarify.

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