Still No Date

There have been some slow moving developments in our house move. As Greg and Brandy are learning in the USA, no date is certain until you are in the door. The final bit of detail required is for our buyers to have their water and sewerage search back. Then we can all exchange contracts and set a date for completion. We had been hoping for next Wednesday, but Mr Careless, our solicitor, reckons that by now there isn’t enough time to order the cash from the mortgage company and for people to sort out movers. We do have movers chosen with a quote and having been on the phone to them, they reckon the earliest after next Wednesday they can pack us up (bargain for £80 + VAT) and move us is the following Tuesday (11th). This is a slight bummer for my Mum and stepdad, Clare and Chris, who had booked train tickets to come down and help next week.

2 Responses to “Still No Date”

  1. Chris R Says:

    Is he really called ‘Careless’?

  2. kieronb Says:

    He is really called Careless, but is very diligent on the whole. He is Barbara’s lawyer, and has done a great deal of work for her, and we used him when we moved to our current house. I suppose such a name must be tricky in the world of law.

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