The major development in the hospital today was Hannah being moved from her room to another, as they wanted her big room for an expectant mum with a disabled husband. So it’s official: Hannah is no longer star patient. She is still in a single room, but it is smaller, and when I visited this evening, absolutely boiling hot as it had caught the sun.

Ella continues to be very well behaved. She had her first vomiting incident last night. Hannah says she looked very shocked at the experience. She is feeding well, though the timings are a bit erratic. She still sleeps a lot, but this evening she spent quite a long time with her eyes open gazing at stuff around her. Obviously, she continues to be very beautiful.

Hannah had quite a lot of visitors today. Kerie and Paula from school during the day. In the evening I visited, along with my Mum, Clare (Granny), who has come down for a flying visit to see her third grand-daughter. Clare absolutely loved Ella, and declared her very cute and adorable. She got to have a good cuddle and to do a nappy change. It was all very lovely.

Ella had her hearing test today, which she passed once a load of womb gunk had been cleared out of her ears. Hannah took a couple of picture of Ella wearing the testing kit, and it is quite scary as she looks like a Borg from Star Trek.

Hannah’s BP hasn’t dropped very far yet, and she is still on some quite strong pain killers, so she certainly won’t be out of hospital for at least a couple of days.


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