I’m somewhat tired, so I’m not going to put up a big posting, plus Hannah and Ella are in bed and quiet so I should take a chance to sleep. The fact that Hannah and Ella are somewhere close by to my computer does show the point of this entry, which is that, after nearly five weeks in hospital, Hannah has been discharged from hospital with our lovely daughter. You can see a smiling Hannah in the picture, ready to leave in the car to go home. This happened mid-afternoon, after we had waited around to have a baby bathing demonstration which polished Ella up nicely for her first big trip.

It’s fantastic to have them both home. We can now be a little family together. I have start my paternity leave, which will be followed by a weeks holiday, so I can concentrate on learning what all of this is about, and to support Hannah as she continues to recover from the operation.

More detail tomorrow. Have a good night, readers.

BTW, the white blob in the car seat is in fact Ella, covered in a woollen blanket.

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