The Weekend

Obviously it was great to get to spend full days with Hannah and Ella, after having had to spend a couple of days working. On Saturday morning my Mum, Clare, was here, so we went down to the hospital together and spent some time there until Clare had to return to Cowes to catch the ferry and train back to Glasgow (thankfully not a plane, or she would have had real trouble getting home given the events at the airport on Saturday). After doing some chores around the house I returned and spent the rest of the day (early evening until midnight). It was really great to get a long period of time with them. Ella started to get rather crabit late on in the evening. She would cry for maybe 30 seconds and then settle. We think it is/was wind (she still does it). She kept Hannah up all night after I left. So much so, Hannah nearly resorted to giving Ella to the midwives to look after. This is nothing unusual on the ward, as I’ve frequently seen one or two baby punnets sat at the midwives desk at night. Hannah didn’t do this, and stuck it out, and eventually got some sleep (maybe an hour or so).

On Sunday I wasn’t very prompt to the hospital as Rachel was there keeping Hannah company. There was a bit of a run-in with a midwife before I got there. Something to do with her giving Hannah into trouble for the ice-cream she had a week before the birth that made her sugars high and not putting Ella first. All rather odd. Barbara and her friend also dropped in to take Rachel and of course have a cuddle. Hannah said to one of the midwives she would like to go home the next day (today) if at all possible, and she said she would put it up on the board for discussion in the morning.

Hannah’s new room didn’t have a functioning PatientLine unit (no telly, no nothing) so we took Ella to the day room and watched the telly there. It was almost like family time. We passed the evening there. By the time we returned to Hannah’s room, Ella was grouchy again. We’d been warned on the signs of wind: pulling the knees up, blueness around the mouth and nose and white lines between the mouth and nose. I’d taken to giving Ella lots of winding, so she didn’t seem as bad as the night before, and seemed to be settled when I left, but Hannah reported that she started again 10 minutes after I was gone. I’d said she could call me during the night if she needed anything, and indeed she called up at about 2am to say that Ella was grumping and groaning and hadn’t settled. In the end she went down at 6am and Hannah got an hour or more to sleep. Welcome to the world of new parenthood.

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