Mad House

It has been a hectic day. This morning started with the removal company dropping off a shipload of cardboard boxes and taking away our kitchen table to Barbara. Then our cleaner Ellen was here, thankfully amending the mess that is our oven before our buyers get it. The peak period was when the community midwife arrived for her first checkup. Hannah was showering at the time, so I had to do the first introductions. Ella had just woken up and was having a bit of a scream, and that, I am sure, didn’t give the best impression. Then just after she arrived, while I was willing Hannah to come downstairs, the woman from the cable company rang at the door, which I answered leaving the midwife with the screaming baby. Fortunately Hannah had just finished up and was on the way downstairs, and I could handle the change of address stuff with the cable company, while Hannah took the midwife through our first home experiences.

The phones have also been ringing all day, and it is lovely to get everyone’s best wishes.


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