Unpacking and Beyond

Five days after my last posting and we are in the new house and are mostly unpacked and now have an internet connection. The biggest trauma of the moving day itself was squeezing the large sofa we have taken from Barbara into the lounge. The removal men needed several different angles before they popped it through the door. They commented that it would never come out the room!

My folks were down helping with the move and setting up the house thereafter. They have made admirable efforts, and have redecorated Ella’s room, and the main loo and bathroom. Not to mention various other oddjobs around the house. Hannah’s sister, Rachel, also helped out on the day, unpacking lots of kitchen stuff.

Ella wasn’t too much bother during the move, she mostly slept. It’s hard to say whether the move did affect her because we hadn’t really settled into a routine in the old house, as she only lived there for four days.

Although a lot has been done, there are some oddities that remain. We haven’t unpacked any of our clothes from boxes, partly because the stuff in wardrobes and drawers was moved without being packed. That’s okay for me, but Hannah had a load of stuff in a built-in wardrobe that she still has to sort. Also, Hannah’s collection of bathroom products still has to be unloaded into the two bathrooms we have.

We are very happy with the house. It is lovely and very roomy. I am sure we will be happy here for many years yet.

2 Responses to “Unpacking and Beyond”

  1. Chris R Says:

    Yes, you and Hannah have strived hard to get your new house and it is indeed a very good house. I am sure that you will be happy there. It is a really good place to bring up Ella. Mind you, if you have time to do your weblog she must be sleeping!


  2. Anonymous Says:

    It was great fun helping. And thanks to be allowed to help. The paint is now nearly out of my hair. Mum

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