Ella Update

It’s been over a week since I put something up about Ella. Put that down to time spent with family, unpacking and trying to sleep.

In the past week, Hannah and Ella have been discharged by the midwives. They visited for a little extra time because Ella hadn’t been putting on weight. On Day 10 she still weighed the same she did when released from hospital. This isn’t unusual, but something worth monitoring. When the health visitor came a couple of days afterwards she assessed Hannah’s diet and pronounced it lacking in good fat. Therefore Hannah is now using full fat milk, eating avocados and unsalted organic butter. It’s all to do with getting the right stuff into the breast milk. Highly technical. Since then Ella has put on a couple of ounces, so she is now 6lb 3 oz.

In terms of sleeping, the pattern is highly erratic. Right now both Hannah and Ella are asleep, which I think bodes badly for a good night’s sleep, as Ella is now probably going to be in an active state through the night. Quite often she wakes sort of hourly through the night, and then settles at between 5 and 6 until 9ish. Other times she sleeps far more at night, a couple of nights ago she only woke at around 3, and that was all. We aren’t applying a routine to her, so we live with this randomness until she settles into something.

We registered her birth yesterday, so she now officially exists and can apply for a passport etc. It also means we can apply for child benefit and the child trust fund. I ought to get around to those, along with a list of financial things arising from moving and having a child. Busy busy.

Hannah has just about finished off dressing Ella’s room (which really only gets used for changing her nappies, lovely). It is fantastic. Full of stuff animals and mobiles. It is a big room, with plenty of space. I hope she had lots of great times there.

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