Others in Similar Situations

Two of my fellow bloggers are going through the same experiences (in some respects) that Hannah and I have just done.

Greg and Brandy have just moved house, except that the move was across several thousand miles, rather than just 1, and they did it themselves, rather than being packed and moved by pros. Congratulations to them on making it through storms and getting in. It’s their first house purchase, and we wish them every happiness there.

Steve and Wendy-Ann are expecting twins, and their blog is beginning to report many overnight stays for Wendy-Ann in hospital while the medical teams monitor things they don’t like (which covers any awful lot of stuff). All I can say from our experience is to hang in there and keep everything crossed. Hannah kept setting herself milestones to reach, and I really think the pregnancy lasted as long as it did through Hannah’s willpower and determination to get as close to the end as possible. Also, we were helped by a stubborn consultant who wasn’t listening to anything anyone else told him. Good luck to all four of you.


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