Wee Problems

I haven’t taken the time to blog the aftermath of Hannah’s pregnancy, other than the trip to the eye doctor. She is still on blood pressure tables, having had the prescription changed immediately after the birth, and now changed back to the previous drug. This was because shortly after we moved house Hannah had a big allergic reaction to something, and her suspicion was the new blood pressure tablets. Our GP changed the prescription, but the symptoms are still persisting. All of this means Hannah is still on a cocktail of drugs, which is unfortunate. The allergy, whatever it is, makes Hannah more uncomfortable than early motherhood already makes her, and can keep her awake more than she needs to be. As ever with Hannah, she manfully suffers it and rarely complains or makes comment on it.

Ella also has a wee problem, which is her weeness, ie she isn’t big enough. The medical people expect babies to regain their birth weight by the end of the second week. Ella didn’t manage this, and indeed at the end of her third week she still isn’t back to the 6 lb 11 oz starting weight. Hannah has been given strict instructions to eat much more fat (the health visitor was very unimpressed with Hannah’s list of favourite foods – not enough fat in each of them). Avocados and unsalted organic butter are now the order of the day. It is also possible that the antihistamines that Hannah has been on could be affecting the milk, plus various other theories. Regardless of all that, Ella feeds plenty and the health visitor is happy with the colour, consistency and regularity of Ella’s poos (a similar obsession to Gillian McKeith). Ella is putting weight on, just not enough of it, but hopefully the rate will improve and I expect it will because in every other way she is doing fantastically well.


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