Wedding Break

I have been in Scotland for Hamish’s wedding, as his best man. The big day went well, with everyone having a jolly good time, despite the tipping rain. Hopefully Hamish and Christine will get good pictures despite their photographer breaking his leg the night before the wedding. I had a great day being best man, and I think I got away with my speech. Hamish’s was rather risky, with the line of ‘I am surprised Andy [his father-in-law] managed to produce such a beautiful daughter” not being the most politic of entries to a groom’s speech. I did tone it down a little. I did forget to mention how Hamish used to pile grapes into his mouth as a child. It would have been good to include as the hand gestures would have been comical. All the components of the wedding were great: the wedding service, canapes, the venue, the meal and the good old ceilidh. I also thought the bar prices were very reasonable, but maybe I am too used to southern charges. The reception was held at Our Dynamic Earth, a science museum in Edinburgh. They are very well kitted out for hospitality, and were very good, and we got a trip around the exhibits while they resorted the hall after dinner. It was something different for a reception, and it make it stand out in my memory.

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