Home Sweet Home

I made it back down south, despite the floods around Oxford. I was able to use my ticket to go down the East Coast route via London. This takes much the same time as the direct train between Southampton and Edinburgh, but involves the nasty cross-London change.

Ella seems to have grown loads while I have been gone. I think Barbara has been seriously feeding Hannah. She does seem quite different, a bit more grown up. She did reward my return with a bit of a nasty night, only properly settling down at 4am. I’m not sure how I am going to manage when I start back at work, which, unfortunately, is tomorrow.

One reason why Ella does appear to have grown is because she has. The health visitor was here yesterday and weighed Ella. In the previous 6 days, she put on 9 ounces, and is now passed her birth weight to be 6 lb 13 oz. This is really great news because the health visitor had said if Ella didn’t put on an ounce a day for Monday, then she would have to ring up the special baby unit at St Mary’s and the result of that would have been powdered milk top-ups. Relief all round.


One Response to “Home Sweet Home”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Finally have time to catch up on your blog whilst we wait for the cat to materialise. Looking forward to seeing Ella as an obese baby. Thanks again for coming for the weekend: it was great, although it would have been nice if Hannah and Ella could have been there. Mind you, that way, Gangan could not have been in attendance with the full fat diet. Mum

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