One Month

Today Ella is one month old. It seems both an age and an instant since she was born. I suppose the fact that we have moved house since then adds to the age aspect. I was thinking back to the first night we had her at home, and how I popped out of bed every-so-often (in that new parent, anxious way) and how, so quickly, one becomes more relaxed and able to cope better with a silent baby (indeed appreciative of a silent baby).

I am back to work now, so when we had a bad night last night, it weighed on me a little today. I think I may have nodded off this evening when I got home and Auntie Rachel was visiting.

Talking of visitors, in the two days I have been in work Hannah has been busy. Yesterday two of her friends from the health education people came by, and she had a trip to the hospital to have a kidney checkup with Barbara (checkup went well). Today her friend Paula visited, and they went shopping (purchasing two Disney CDs, yeuch), and this evening Rachel, her sister, visited. Busy times.

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