Furniture Struggles

A couple of weeks ago, I had just about got our study sorted. This was chalk full of books and this here computer, plus a couple of random unpacked boxes and my old computer (shortly to be for sale). Hannah had ordered a fancy futon from a local furniture superstore, which was to fit in the bay window of the study. It arrived, flat packed, the Wednesday before I went to Hamish’s wedding. Once the components had been man-handled upstairs (including the biggest box I have ever seen, it is 7 foot long, not an inch less), I started to open the boxes and wondering exactly how big this thing was. It turned out that this was a 3-seater sofa, and that rather than a conventional futon that extends out of the seat so the sofa back is at the head of the bed, it is hinged in the middle, so the armrests end up as the top and bottom of the bed. This means that the sofa is the length, rather than the width of the bed, and that as a 3-seater is is well over 6 ft long. This meant is wouldn’t fit in the bay in the study. In fact there weren’t many choices as to where in the study it would go. Bear in mind this realisation came before I had seriously started to build the darn thing.

I have to admit I had a bit of a strop at this point, not having chosen the thing. It did look quite pleasant, but didn’t seem practical. Hannah and debated whether to keep it or send it back. In the end we decided to keep it, and I returned to the construction instructions to discover they lacked the mention of at least one set of ingrediants that came in the box, and contain the immortal words: ‘Careful: this step is risky. It should be done by two persons’.

Anyway, I finally managed to complete the assembly a couple of nights ago, after having had some help to hold it together at the risky step from Hannah, and she had also pointed out a better way of putting it together than in the instructions. It’s a nice big sofa and if ever we have two couples staying, both can sleep in comfort – one pair in the spare room and one in the study. Any takers?


3 Responses to “Furniture Struggles”

  1. Carolyn M Says:

    Does it also work with one couple (who are well-used to disturbed nights!) and two small kids?!

  2. kieronb Says:

    It can work as the kids can go in the other spare room!

  3. Carolyn M Says:

    Hmmmm, maybe we should think about planning a trip to the deep south then…

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