Familial Visit & New Parent Worries

A lot of this weekend has been spent running chores. This evening I finally sorted out our two wardrobes that moved with us, into which the removal men had randomly mixed Hannah and my clothes. I separated them out so that I could actually find anything for work this coming week. This is entirely a different issue to who gets the privilege of using the built-in and third wardrobe (obtained from Barbara) upstairs in our bedroom. This is just an example of the things that get left undone after a house move.

Yesterday I drove to Ryde to find out if anyone had handed in the lost keys to the police. After hunting around to find the station (finally discovering its location by using Orange’s local service on WAP), I was disappointed to find it dark and closed looking. The notice on the front suggested it ought to be open, but using the phone on the front connected me to a call centre who reassured me it was closed. A wasted trip, and one wonders why a police station cannot be staffed to be open to the public when the coppers are lifting bad boys in round the back.

Today Jack, Karen and Josh (Hannah’s Dad, stepmother and little brother) came across from Bournemouth to visit. They were all very smitten by Ella, Jack having last seen her on her birth day. Josh is a very young uncle, at a mere 10 years old. He is advanced in internet years though, as he has started his own blog, and I have added it to my blogroll. It’s in its infancy, but have a look and vote in his poll.

All of these goings-on were encompassed by a slight worry Hannah and I had about Ella. She has developed a load of spots that we first saw yesterday on her scalp and face. They match the description of milia. We weren’t too concerned, but as Hannah had chickenpox when she was 15 months old, and this triggered her diabetes, she is very nervous about anything spotty on Ella. This morning we noticed that the spots had started to show on her chest and upper back, so we decided to do the new parent thing and ring for medical help, using NHS Direct. They went through all sorts of symptoms and advised that we should speak to our on-call doctor, who they contacted for us. We got called a short while later, and the doctor decided that without any other symptoms it was okay to wait until the health visitor made her visit tomorrow morning. This evening they look to have faded, but maybe they will return tomorrow. Overall, I don’t think we have much to worry about, but we have to be the archetypal first parents sometime.


One Response to “Familial Visit & New Parent Worries”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Trust Ella is OK. Hannah gave me her new wight details: very exciting. Looking forward to seeing you all.

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