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Eye Operation

August 19, 2007

In the continuing aftermath of her pregnancy, Hannah had further laser surgery on her eyes last Tuesday. The operation itself seems to have been okay. Hannah did have quite a lot of pain for a couple of days afterwards (it was a general anaesthetic in day surgery). She had to express milk beforehand, and pump away the first lot of milk after. Barbara went to the hospital and looked after Ella. Long term, we have to wait and see how this operation did, and there may be some other treatments that Hannah can be given to help with her macular oedema that is causing her the most vision impairment at the moment. Fingers crossed.


Get It Done

August 19, 2007

Clearly I have been slow with updates of late. There are always lots of little things to be done around the house, and so the blog ends up on a bit of a back seat. One important thing I have to do of an evening on return from work is give Hannah some time on her own without Ella, or she’ll go stir crazy. I guess some of the honeymoon period with Ella is coming to an end, as we get into the rhythm of life with a baby. She is still lovely, though.

In the past week it has been my birthday and our wedding anniversary (the 13th). We went out for a quick meal at the Lifeboat in East Cowes. We took Ella with us, and she was very good, remaining asleep the whole time.

On the weekend before, my folks were here, and we spent a lot of time in the garden tidying it up. The back garden looks a lot better now. It did seem to take a lot of time, effort and bags of plants to make a not enormous visible difference. Hannah had been down to see the live music at Cowes Week beforehand, but the last Friday of Cowes Week was my first chance to go down, with Hannah, Ella, Clare and Chris, to soak up the atmosphere. We also saw some of the racing, which was most impressive. In the evening I watched the fantastic firework display with Clare and Chris, Hannah and Ella electing to stay at home. Even so, Hannah said that Ella was disturbed by the firework explosions.

This week has also seen Ella’s six week check-up (slightly late as she is now seven weeks old). The doctor was happy with what he saw. Her weight is now 8 lb 1 oz, representing an ounce a day since the previous weigh-in. Her length was measured for the first time, 56 cm, and her head circumference measured. The former put her in the 9th percentile and the latter on the 50th. Her weight remains on the second percentile. We both noted today that Ella was looking quite a bit podgier.

Ella had her first visits to the cinema this week. Earlier she went to see Evan Almighty with Hannah and her Gangan (Barbara). She slept all the way through that, and apparently produced loud farts during profound moments. Yesterday we took her with us when we went to see The Bourne Ultimatum. The film was entertaining, but really just lots of chase scenes tied together.

Yesterday evening, Hannah left Ella and I alone together to go out to a wild party (there was someone there who was once in Casualty). We got on okay together, with no problems.

Another Week Gone By

August 9, 2007

I think it is over a week since I made an update on Ella’s growth. I mentioned her weight the other day, which was measured by our health visitor on Monday. I believe that was the health visitor’s last visit, Hannah didn’t say she was coming back. We have Ella’s 6 week check-up/servicing next Wednesday when we go to the surgery. This will be the first time that they measure her height (or rather length, given she can’t stand). I think she is quite tall/long because when she stretches out she is nearly the length of her changing mat. You hardly notice these things change, they are so gradual. The health visitor also checked over Ella’s spots and rashiness and said again it was heat rash. She reckoned it could come from having Ella skin-to-skin, ie when we let Ella sleep on us, and Ella’s gentle skin reacting to a bit of sweatiness. We have reduced the amount of clothing she is wearing at night, especially during the warm patch we are having in the south of England at the moment.

The primary people in these parts enjoying the weather are the yachties at Cowes Week. Hannah has also been drinking up the atmosphere during the day, popping down the the Yacht Haven to listen to the live music. She has also entertained any number of visitors (in some cases rather more than she was expecting). Visitations can be a thorny issue. It’s great to have people round and that they want to see Ella, but too many people can be very tiring for both Hannah and Ella, especially when Ella is being rather grouchy.

So saying, my folks are staying with us over the weekend. They haven’t seen Ella since we moved, so they’ll see a great deal of difference (less so in the house since the work they did). We all know that Ella won’t remember them (I reckon she wonders who I am when I come home from work), but it will be good for her to refresh her memory of Granny and Grandpa. She did have an evening with Gangan yesterday, when we went down to Ventnor for me to set-up Barbara’s computer with broadband (simple and painless exercise). We also got to see the badgers that come into Barbara’s back garden at night. Maybe I’ll get a picture of those and post it on the site.

Despite all the above the chief issue at the moment is a dramatic increase in grouch from Ella. Hannah said that today, for example, she did nothing but eat, cry or sleep (I am sure some pooing went on too). Whenever she is awake at the moment she is having a wail, and is more troublesome to get off to sleep. One of Hannah’s books says there is commonly a growth spurt around six weeks, and I think this may be the cause of Ella’s foul mood. To comment on the book – it’s rather too American, and very heavily slanted towards the mother, but does have some useful and good info.

Photo Update

August 9, 2007

Just a reminder that there are lots of pictures on Facebook in my album and also Hannah has put a different selection in an album of her own (though I can’t get a direct link for that).

Weight Report

August 7, 2007

Ella was weighed on Monday and was 7 lbs 10 ozs, only one ounce off a pound more than her birth weight. Good growth progress is being made , and right now her mother is really feeling it because she seems to be feeding non-stop all the time .

August Announcements

August 7, 2007

My friends Steve and Wendy-Ann, have given birth to their twins. Many congratulations to them all, and both Hannah and I wish them all the best for the future, and for getting the boys home as soon as possible. You can read more on their blog.

I also should mention that I have a new job within IBM, though it is only part of my time, and I still have to finalise what the rest of my time will be taken up with.

Ella’s Favourites

August 7, 2007

Now that she is growing up a bit and being much more aware, Ella is beginning to have some favourite things (though right now she doesn’t appear to have any, as she is screaching away).

Her biggest favourite, which sits on her changing table, is a Winnie the Pooh music and light box. It plays Disney’s Winnie the Pooh song, or at least the chorus of it, in music box style; has a moving picture on the front; and projects something similar upwards onto the ceiling (or into my eyes if I am leaning over it). She loves to look at the box, mostly I think at Tigger, and has been reaching out towards it.

She also loves to look at her clock. This is our ‘cuckoo’ clock, which is an urang-utan, but doesn’t work. It used to live in our livingroom in the last house, but was always intended for the jungle themed nursery once we had one. Ella loves to watch the pendulum, and it has been known to calm her from crying.

Hannah also reckons that Ella is taking a fancy to a little monkey soft toy I bought for Mothers Day. It is quite often in the crib with Ella, and she tries to hold it.

She also really likes her dummy (dreadful parents, using a dummy), more of that some other time.

Itchy and Scratchy

August 2, 2007

Hannah had her appointment with the allergy clinic earlier this week. The results were fairly unremarkable. She is allergic to cats (knew that) and grass pollen. She didn’t show allergies to dogs, which was the most likely cause of her reaction after we moved into the house, as the previous owners did have a dog. We don’t think they had a cat. Being allergic to cats does make for problems visiting Ella’s Gangan and Granny, as both have cats. Hopefully Ella won’t inherit this from her mother.

Weight Gain

August 2, 2007

I’ve been lacking in updates this week, partly because I didn’t think much was happening, partly because when I get home from work, there are things to be done around the house, including keeping Ella and Hannah company. Thinking back, though, plenty of developments have occured this week.

On Monday the health visitor came. The only noteworthy event from her visit was Ella’s weight, which continued to increase at a healthy rate, and she is now 7lbs 5 oz, and into the second percentile for baby girls. That means in a room of 100 baby girls (think of the noise ), only one of them would be lighter than Ella. The health visitor returns on Monday, and if all continues well then that will be her last visit. She did check out Ella’s spots, and diagnosed them as heat rash, rather than milia. Apparently heat rash can take up to three days to go away. She still has the spots today, and I don’t think we are over-cooking Ella at night, but it has been hotter of late.

Over the past week there have been some firsts. She is now definitely smiling. Both Hannah and I have been smiled at, and it is the most wonderful experience. To actually think that she is looking at me and being happy to see me or pleased with something I am doing it great. If you pull her up gently, she can support her head briefly. She is much more comfortable sitting up than she used to be. I hadn’t noticed but Hannah feels that Ella is reaching out for things with her hands.

We’ve also had the merest hint of a routine appearing at night. For the past three nights she has fed at around 11pm, and then slept through until around 5am. Routine? Coincidence?

Miriam has been back on the island as well, and of course came to visit her neice. This time, Mark, her boyfriend, was here too, and had his chance to meet Ella for the first time. They both had a great time with Ella, and we had a barbeque on Monday evening with them, Barbara and Hannah’s Auntie Nita and Uncle Cyril.

I’ve taken tomorrow off, and so we should get to spend it together properly, compared to today when I am working from home, but don’t actually have any work to do.

Season Ticket Success

August 2, 2007

I’ll blog an update on Ella later today, but I felt the need to mention the excellent news from City about their season ticket sales. They have sold 12,019 season tickets at the knockdown price of £138, the lowest in the English leagues. This is a really great boost for the season, and hopefully will help propell us out of League 2. City should be getting much more publicity about this scheme, and it has pulled in loads of punters, and at a time when football is becoming ever more expensive, it gives football fans value-for-money. I have to confess to not buying one: I only went to one home match last season and having moved house and had a baby, £138 is not lying around to ‘donate’ to City. I am just a bad fan.