Weight Gain

I’ve been lacking in updates this week, partly because I didn’t think much was happening, partly because when I get home from work, there are things to be done around the house, including keeping Ella and Hannah company. Thinking back, though, plenty of developments have occured this week.

On Monday the health visitor came. The only noteworthy event from her visit was Ella’s weight, which continued to increase at a healthy rate, and she is now 7lbs 5 oz, and into the second percentile for baby girls. That means in a room of 100 baby girls (think of the noise ), only one of them would be lighter than Ella. The health visitor returns on Monday, and if all continues well then that will be her last visit. She did check out Ella’s spots, and diagnosed them as heat rash, rather than milia. Apparently heat rash can take up to three days to go away. She still has the spots today, and I don’t think we are over-cooking Ella at night, but it has been hotter of late.

Over the past week there have been some firsts. She is now definitely smiling. Both Hannah and I have been smiled at, and it is the most wonderful experience. To actually think that she is looking at me and being happy to see me or pleased with something I am doing it great. If you pull her up gently, she can support her head briefly. She is much more comfortable sitting up than she used to be. I hadn’t noticed but Hannah feels that Ella is reaching out for things with her hands.

We’ve also had the merest hint of a routine appearing at night. For the past three nights she has fed at around 11pm, and then slept through until around 5am. Routine? Coincidence?

Miriam has been back on the island as well, and of course came to visit her neice. This time, Mark, her boyfriend, was here too, and had his chance to meet Ella for the first time. They both had a great time with Ella, and we had a barbeque on Monday evening with them, Barbara and Hannah’s Auntie Nita and Uncle Cyril.

I’ve taken tomorrow off, and so we should get to spend it together properly, compared to today when I am working from home, but don’t actually have any work to do.


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