Ella’s Favourites

Now that she is growing up a bit and being much more aware, Ella is beginning to have some favourite things (though right now she doesn’t appear to have any, as she is screaching away).

Her biggest favourite, which sits on her changing table, is a Winnie the Pooh music and light box. It plays Disney’s Winnie the Pooh song, or at least the chorus of it, in music box style; has a moving picture on the front; and projects something similar upwards onto the ceiling (or into my eyes if I am leaning over it). She loves to look at the box, mostly I think at Tigger, and has been reaching out towards it.

She also loves to look at her clock. This is our ‘cuckoo’ clock, which is an urang-utan, but doesn’t work. It used to live in our livingroom in the last house, but was always intended for the jungle themed nursery once we had one. Ella loves to watch the pendulum, and it has been known to calm her from crying.

Hannah also reckons that Ella is taking a fancy to a little monkey soft toy I bought for Mothers Day. It is quite often in the crib with Ella, and she tries to hold it.

She also really likes her dummy (dreadful parents, using a dummy), more of that some other time.

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