Another Week Gone By

I think it is over a week since I made an update on Ella’s growth. I mentioned her weight the other day, which was measured by our health visitor on Monday. I believe that was the health visitor’s last visit, Hannah didn’t say she was coming back. We have Ella’s 6 week check-up/servicing next Wednesday when we go to the surgery. This will be the first time that they measure her height (or rather length, given she can’t stand). I think she is quite tall/long because when she stretches out she is nearly the length of her changing mat. You hardly notice these things change, they are so gradual. The health visitor also checked over Ella’s spots and rashiness and said again it was heat rash. She reckoned it could come from having Ella skin-to-skin, ie when we let Ella sleep on us, and Ella’s gentle skin reacting to a bit of sweatiness. We have reduced the amount of clothing she is wearing at night, especially during the warm patch we are having in the south of England at the moment.

The primary people in these parts enjoying the weather are the yachties at Cowes Week. Hannah has also been drinking up the atmosphere during the day, popping down the the Yacht Haven to listen to the live music. She has also entertained any number of visitors (in some cases rather more than she was expecting). Visitations can be a thorny issue. It’s great to have people round and that they want to see Ella, but too many people can be very tiring for both Hannah and Ella, especially when Ella is being rather grouchy.

So saying, my folks are staying with us over the weekend. They haven’t seen Ella since we moved, so they’ll see a great deal of difference (less so in the house since the work they did). We all know that Ella won’t remember them (I reckon she wonders who I am when I come home from work), but it will be good for her to refresh her memory of Granny and Grandpa. She did have an evening with Gangan yesterday, when we went down to Ventnor for me to set-up Barbara’s computer with broadband (simple and painless exercise). We also got to see the badgers that come into Barbara’s back garden at night. Maybe I’ll get a picture of those and post it on the site.

Despite all the above the chief issue at the moment is a dramatic increase in grouch from Ella. Hannah said that today, for example, she did nothing but eat, cry or sleep (I am sure some pooing went on too). Whenever she is awake at the moment she is having a wail, and is more troublesome to get off to sleep. One of Hannah’s books says there is commonly a growth spurt around six weeks, and I think this may be the cause of Ella’s foul mood. To comment on the book – it’s rather too American, and very heavily slanted towards the mother, but does have some useful and good info.


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