Get It Done

Clearly I have been slow with updates of late. There are always lots of little things to be done around the house, and so the blog ends up on a bit of a back seat. One important thing I have to do of an evening on return from work is give Hannah some time on her own without Ella, or she’ll go stir crazy. I guess some of the honeymoon period with Ella is coming to an end, as we get into the rhythm of life with a baby. She is still lovely, though.

In the past week it has been my birthday and our wedding anniversary (the 13th). We went out for a quick meal at the Lifeboat in East Cowes. We took Ella with us, and she was very good, remaining asleep the whole time.

On the weekend before, my folks were here, and we spent a lot of time in the garden tidying it up. The back garden looks a lot better now. It did seem to take a lot of time, effort and bags of plants to make a not enormous visible difference. Hannah had been down to see the live music at Cowes Week beforehand, but the last Friday of Cowes Week was my first chance to go down, with Hannah, Ella, Clare and Chris, to soak up the atmosphere. We also saw some of the racing, which was most impressive. In the evening I watched the fantastic firework display with Clare and Chris, Hannah and Ella electing to stay at home. Even so, Hannah said that Ella was disturbed by the firework explosions.

This week has also seen Ella’s six week check-up (slightly late as she is now seven weeks old). The doctor was happy with what he saw. Her weight is now 8 lb 1 oz, representing an ounce a day since the previous weigh-in. Her length was measured for the first time, 56 cm, and her head circumference measured. The former put her in the 9th percentile and the latter on the 50th. Her weight remains on the second percentile. We both noted today that Ella was looking quite a bit podgier.

Ella had her first visits to the cinema this week. Earlier she went to see Evan Almighty with Hannah and her Gangan (Barbara). She slept all the way through that, and apparently produced loud farts during profound moments. Yesterday we took her with us when we went to see The Bourne Ultimatum. The film was entertaining, but really just lots of chase scenes tied together.

Yesterday evening, Hannah left Ella and I alone together to go out to a wild party (there was someone there who was once in Casualty). We got on okay together, with no problems.


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