Skinny Malinky

I don’t know if that is a phrase that exists down south, but one we had back up in Glasgow. Ella was weighed on Wednesday, and had put on a megre 3 oz to be 8lb 14 oz. So she is over two months old, and still doesn’t weigh as much as many newborns. This is good for getting wear out of clothes, but she does have an awful lot of those, so that isn’t a problem. The slow weight gain isn’t a major worry either: she eats plenty and is happy so it’s just a number.

We are moving towards an evening routine, putting Ella down to bed at around 9:30pm, with an intent to bring that forwards. We’ve done this pretty much since we got back from our travels, and it is working well. She may need a bit of a cuddle and rock before she settles (though when I’ve taken her to bed I haven’t needed to). I don’t think she has woken during the night since we started doing this, frequently staying asleep until 6:30am. According to one of Hannah’s books an all night sleep is midnight to 5am, so Ella has exceeded that.

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