You Tube Debut

Thankfully for the world it is not me appearing on You Tube, but rather my first uploaded video. It is of Rod Martin, who you’ll recall is a long time family friend of Hannah’s who we’ve visited a couple of times in the duration of this blog. Just after our wedding he had a rather nasty accident at his garage, which very badly burned him and nearly blew his leg off. Rod is made of stern stuff, and battled near death, and no doubt lots of pain, though he never mentions it. He persevered with many operations and much physio on his leg, rather than taking the easier option of amputation (easier is obviously not used lightly in this instance). His local ITV channel made a news item about his story, and when we visited at Easter I filmed it with our camcorder. I said to Rod that I would upload it to You Tube, and showed it off to him when we were there last week. He was chuffed with it, so now I am advertising it here.

Rod deserves a lot of praise and acknowledgement for his recovery, along with Sue and the rest of the family. They all suffered a great deal, and play down what they’ve been through and seek no form of adulation for their accomplishments. A shame really, as it is a great example to all of us.

Anyway, the video is here on You Tube. You”ll probably have to turn up the volume as it is rather quiet, especially Rod.


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