Ella has started to show interest in her toys. Some favourites at the moment include an orange elephant that is part of her moses basket, a yellow and orange cow that is part of a ‘Sit Me Up Cosy’ thingy and her mobiles. She likes to look at her mobiles in her room while she has her nappy changed; they make a change from the Winnie the Pooh music box that she still loves. The other day I shook at rattle at her, and she smiled, which was lovely. Obviously it is still too early for her to be playing with her toys.

She got weighed today, and again hasn’t put on as much as required, only 2 oz, so she is 8lb 15 oz. I was at this one, and our health visitor did not seem very happy. Ella is now on the 0.4 percentile. If her growth doesn’t pick-up then we’ll have to supplement the breast milk with bottled stuff. Nevertheless, she continues to be happy and healthy, and there is nothing else wrong with her, so why worry?


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