Tough Love

I had to witness my first instance of a harsh choice causing upset to Ella today. It was time for injections mark 2, and I had been told that I would be riding shotgun with Hannah this time, rather than Barbara (who got almost as upset as Ella last time). All parents know that inoculations are required, but it is hard to watch that needle plunge into your daughter’s leg (or son’s, I’m sure). I have to admit the nurse did both injections with incredible speed and precision, though it didn’t really help Ella. She cried some big tears, but the time-proven distraction of a helping of breast milk quickly turned those away. All-in-all she actually did very well, and the nurse was very complementary.

Better news beforehand had come in the form of Ella’s weekly weigh-in. She put on a healthy 8 ounces to shoot into the 9 lb bracket at 9 – 7. This appears to be greatly helped by Barbara’s tip of Hannah taking brewer’s yeast tablets. According to Hannah this has led to a much quicker resupply to milk stores, and so Ella can feed sooner after emptying a breast. I know for all the previous weeks when Ella’s weight didn’t increase a great deal we both said that she looked bigger, but this week she really does. She is beginning to really look like a child rather than a baby. I am sure some of that must be in my imagination, willing on the stage where I can talk with her, as she is not yet even three months old, and babies are babies until well into their second year.

The increased feeding has brought on unpleasant side effects, aping the phrase what goes up, must come down (ie what goes in, must come out). There have been some mammoth pooes, and last night was definitely her record distance of vomit, quite coating a significant area of Hannah’s skirt, and leading to the first wipe down of furniture. Pleasant.


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