Family Get-Together

We were away in Peterborough last weekend, together with a lot of my family. The purpose was to visit Granny’s house, and choose some momentoes to take away. That part was sad, and somewhat weird, though it was nice to see lots of things of Granny, and appreciate the life she had, which was varied, and very active.

It was Ella’s first opportunity to spend time with a lot of my family. Both my brothers were there, with their wives, and Douglas with Ella’s cousins, Aliya and Lucy, as well as Clare and Chris, Ella’s Granny and Grandpa. My cousin, Ivar, and his wife, Liz and their son, Henry, who is about a year old, were staying as well. I would like to say that Ella was a very well behaved star, but unfortunately she was quite grumpy all weekend. Whenever someone else took her for a hold, she started to cry, and she was moody during quite a few mealtimes. This was quite in contrast to her behaviour when we went to Aidy and Lana’s wedding in Ireland. Maybe this time she was more aware that she didn’t really know a lot of the people around her, and that she was away from her familiar places. Nevertheless, it was good for her to meet her family, and for my family to see how well she is doing.

A highlight of the weekend was Ella’s first swim. I call it a swim, but most of the time she was floating in a big inflatable. The water was a little cold, which initially she wasn’t too sure about, but after a while she seem quite happy and kicked her legs. She didn’t splash around nearly as much as Lucy, who is four months older, who obviously really enjoyed the water. Ella did look extra cute in her green frog robe.

It was also another tester of the satnav. On Friday the traffic was quite bad around London, and so I decided to go up the A34 and go across country from the M40. The satnav wasn’t too happy about this on the way up the A34, constantly recalculating routes across to the M25, though sensibly avoiding the accident on the M25 between the M4 and M40. Once we were at the M40, it calculated a route up the A43 and A605 to Peterborough. Without it, I would not have worked out a route to avoid the M25, and we would have been incrediably late arriving and extra tired and moody.

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