Weight Up

Spot the pun! Again, I suspect that it may be a Glasgow vernacular expression, and missed by most readers. The expression ‘wait up’ means to stop and wait. Not the same meaning as given here.

The point is that since the last blog entry (two weeks ago, sorry) Ella has had two weigh-ins, and has made good gains both times. Last week she was 9lb 13 oz, and today 10lb 3 oz. Finally she is into double figures. Of course, there are babies born bigger than that, but for us it is a milestone. It puts her back on the second percentile of the growth chart.

She is doing very well in other areas. After a series of nights waking up in the small hours for a feed, she appears to be back to sleeping all night, with 11 or 12 hours not being unusual. She has started to reach for toys, and we put up one of those activity centres where the baby lies down on a mat, and the toys dangle off struts above. She likes to play in that, and also in her bright pink, vibrating chair which also has some dangling toys. The mobiles in her bedroom still fascinate her. She does have periods of gurn, often they are because she is tired.

Hannah thinks that Ella’s hair is beginning to turn slightly ginger. I can’t see it myself. I’m afraid that people still think Ella looks like me, which is very unfortunately for Ella, and I hope she starts to look far more attractive soon (obviously she is a bonnie, cute baby anyway).


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