Rolling, rolling, rolling

More milestones are being passed. After 10lbs, we now have the roll-over. Ella has discovered rolling from her front to back. Now she cannot be trusted on raised surfaces. She is doing wonderfully well, I have to say (not at all biased). She is sleeping all night long almost all the time. Hannah is putting her down in her proper cot for naps during the day, so she is getting used to that bed, before using it at night. In the main, she is very well temptered, but of course, quite capable of being stroppy, but usually only when tired. Hannah was very proud of herself yesterday, because she felt she interpreted every cry of Ella’s correctly: whenever it was “I’m hungry”, she was fed; or if it was “I’m tired”, she was put down. So we’re in the swing of it now. Of course, there is still plenty of change that can affect that.

Miriam, Hannah’s little sister, is staying, and doing the auntie thing, helping look after Ella. Ella is doing very well with her, which is great. Rachel, Hannah’s older sister, popped across to the island yesterday, so Ella got to spend time with both her maternal aunties. When I got home it was maximum oestrogen in the air, practically a living edition of Cosmo! They both got to take part in Ella’s bathing routine, which we’ve recently altered. Ella’s Poppa Jack and Wicked Step-Granny bought us a sort of bath chair that you put in the big bath, and the baby sits in it. So we tried it out earlier in the week, and Ella seemed much more relaxed in it, instead of being dangled into a baby bath, she could recline in the water. Last night she start to kick and splash, and was definitely enjoying it. I caught some of it on video camera.

At this week’s weigh-in, Ella had put on another 6 ozs, and was up to 10lb 9oz (I think). This puts her nearly back at the second percentile. They also measured her length, and she is up in the 25th percentile now (compared to the 9th at her 8 week checkup).

Hannah is steadily returning to bits of work, taking on some French and singing pupils, and doing health education work with the NHS. On Tuesday, she is spending the day educating teachers and nurses, and Miriam is looking after Ella all day. A lot of late night milk expression has been going on over the past couple of weeks to build up stocks of milk for this day, so hopefully it will all be worth it.


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