Can I Buy That Dolly?

Last week, Hannah took a shift in Barbara’s diabetes reseach shop in Ventnor. She took Ella with her, hoping for a well-behaved day, which indeed she was blessed with. Ella slept quite a bit in her pram, and was generally good while away. Many of the shop visitors commented on how lovely and beautiful Ella was. A few were even more confused. One mother in the shop came up to Hannah and asked how much the dolly was. Hannah was a little surprised because she couldn’t think of one in the shop. The woman pointed towards Ella’s pram, where the lady’s daughter was standing. Hannah obviously didn’t accept their offer for Ella, and put them right on the living, breathing status of Ella. There were other people who didn’t realise she was a real baby, but only those were willing to buy. So it’s official: Ella is so cute and adorable, she is like a dolly.

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