I am running out of titles for these weekly weight reports. Ella was weighed today and put on another healthy 5 pounds to bring her up to 10 lb 13 oz (my last report had the wrong weight).

She has had a great week with her Auntie Miri, doing lots of smiling. Miriam heads back to Glasgow (the bonnie city) tomorrow, and I think Ella will miss her, and we’ll miss the help she had been. I suspect our trials and tribulations at the weekend would have been far more fraut if Miri had not been looking after Ella.

Unusually, Ella has woken up during the last couple of nights. Apart from that, all has been good. Plenty of smiling, looking about, sticking her fists in her mouth and sucking. She has also been drooling a lot, which may indicate the onset of teething, but no other symptoms of that just yet.


2 Responses to “Report”

  1. Chris R Says:

    5 POUNDS – this must have been wishful thinking so that you wouldn’t have had to think up another title for about 12 weeks! Anyway it is good to read all you news


  2. kieronb Says:

    Em, yes, put that down to having been brought up in the metric system. I did, of course, mean 5 ounces.

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