En Route from Milan

My Mum, Clare, spent the weekend with us, as she travelled between Milan and Glasgow (jetsetter). This was the first time she had got to spend quality time with Ella since August, really, as the last two times she saw Ella was at Granny’s funeral (not the best time, by a long shot) and last month when the family gathered in Peterborough to visit Granny’s house (and Ella was mostly in a foul mood). So it was great that Ella was mostly in a good mood over the weekend (despite the injections mentioned in the previous entry). Clare got to take Ella on a walk and had some good ‘chats’ with her over the changing table. It was, of course, great for Hannah and I to spend time with Mum away from the sadder events of the past couple of months.

Hannah’s Mum, Barbara, has been away living it up with some of her friends in Tenerife, and returned on Saturday. She came to visit Ella (and us), who she missed a lot on Saturday night, which was why the two grandmothers were in attendance. Hannah and I made sausage and mash, using some very nice sausages from the local butcher (including boar sausages). Clare made some “cheat’s” tiramasu for dessert.

Also of note that evening was the fox that trotted past our house, and wasn’t at all phased by people standing looking at it.


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