What Might Have Been

We both realise that we are lucky that Ella is very easy going and contented. She seems to enjoy many of the pinch points that can become battles between parents and child, such as nappy changing and bathing. It is weird to take Ella to have her nappy changed when she is crying away because she is tired, and then when put down on the changing table (bought from Ikea at Bluewater, you may remember) she suddenly stops crying and beams a big smile at you. One thing we are both very happy with is her all-night sleeping habit. This is the number one question any new parent gets asked, and it is great to be able to say that she sleeps very well. I have wondered why people ask this question, and not about the baby’s health, or the mental state of the parents, or the colour of baby’s poo. I guess it is because everyone expects a negative response, and therefore they are prepared for it, and can cope with that question and answer scenario.

Getting back to the point, on Saturday night we had a taste of what the early nights with Ella were like and what could quite easily still be the nightly goings-on when Ella decided to wake up every two hours, and spend most of the time in-between on Hannah’s boob. It was quite a torrid night, especially for Hannah. The following night, Ella woke at midnight, after being put down on 9ish as usual, and I was a little worried that her reliable sleeping pattern was broken, but thankfully she slept through to 6am last night. Why was she so bad on Saturday? There are two potential reasons. The first is that she had her third set of injections on Friday afternoon, and some after-effect of those may have disturbed her on Saturday night. The second is that her maternal and paternal grandmothers were both here on Saturday evening, and she may have got rather too much attention. I believe there may have been some over-exuberant grandmother-ing during bath time.

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