Tonight I am babysitting, though I don’t think that term really applies when the father is looking after his child. Hannah is out doing karaoke with a number of grandparents and friends. I hate karaoke so I ‘offered’ to stay home and look after Ella instead. Win-win scenario.

On Friday, Barbara babysat, while Hannah and I went out for dinner with her friend Paula and her boyfriend, Rich. The reason for all these trips out – it was Hannah’s birthday on Friday. It was good to go out, and I think Hannah and I didn’t spend too much time discussing Ella, and Hannah, Paula and Rich didn’t spend too much time talking about school (they are all teachers at the same place). Ella behaved well for Barbara on Friday, and she has been good as gold tonight. Though she was very tired, and it was only as I was putting her down to bed I realised that her body-clock would be telling her it was an hour later (the clocks having gone back last night), and this was why she was tired at 8 o’clock.

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