Brief Highlights

It’s been a while since the last post. Partly this is because not a great deal has changed, partly because I’m studying for my Project Management Professional (PMP) exams, and partly because I spend too much time blowing up planets playing Galactic Civilisations 2 (according to Hannah). On the first point, Hannah thought that really a lot had changed, lots of small things. Ella does change day-by-day, maybe a new sound she makes, or a bit more movement, or increased intensity in her studying of the world around her. As a father, you miss those gradual changes, and every-so-often when I pick her up I think ‘streuth, she’s grown a lot!’.

Grown she has – she is now 12 lbs 10 oz, and has put on half a pound in each of the last two weeks. We have moved her off baby rice (it tastes disgusting). Hannah took a very funny set of pictures of Ella trying out of puree of sweet potato, parnsip and carrot. I’m afraid that mix didn’t do well. She has liked apple and pear, and the one she finished off today was pear, pea and broccoli. Our health visitor was kean that Ella get introduced to various flavours quickly. I think there is some recent research that indicates that babies are more likely to take on veggies if they are introduced quite quickly. Mind you, current government advice is to not wean until 6 months, so it is the usual story of conflicting advice.

Her sleeping habits haven’t improved much. It seems a long time ago since she slept through the night. I really thought we were sorted then, but she has taught us a lesson there. It’s not as though she is trouble at night, when she wakes she feeds, and goes straight back to sleep. There have been a couple of leaky nappy moments at night, but those are exceptions rather than regular occurances. Currently she is waking once a night, usually when we go to bed, so it’s not distrupting our sleep much.

She can now roll from front to back and back to front. She doesn’t do it a great deal, but does roll onto her side while in her baby gym thing. She’s not sitting yet, not without support, but is happy in a sitting position. She does like to be held standing.

We haven’t really had a laugh yet. Miriam is coming down next week (playing for the Southampton Phil at their concert that I’m not singing at), and she keeps saying on the phone that she doesn’t want Ella to laugh before she comes down. Before then my Mum, Clare, will be visiting, during the time of my PMP exam. So there are some busy times ahead. She does makes lots of sounds though, and is a fantastic smiler. There is nothing better to start one’s day than a big beaming smile from one’s daughter. It’s wonderful to be recognised too.

I think that’s the Ella related highlights for now. She is having an afternoon nap at the moment, trapped inside by the miserable weather.


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