As mentioned previously here on this blog, I have been studying for an exam. That exam is for a certification in project management. I had the exam on Thursday. Prior to that, as part of the IBM preparation, I was at a two day course up the M3 at a place called Warbrook. I used the satnav to get there, and it delighted in sending me down some single track roads. I don’t mind such roads, they can be quite fun, but I do feel a little guilty whizzing past people’s houses on those little lanes. Overall the course was okay. It was only meant to be an opportunity to tie off the loose ends of ones learning, coming at the end of three months of supposed self-study. I got some benefit, anyway. Their lunches were very good, three courses for £3. Yummy.

So Thursday was the culmination of these few months of self study, and indeed a number of courses I’ve taken in the past 18 months. I had booked the exam in Bournemouth. The PMI outsource the exams to a company who do tests and so the facility is dedicated to testing. The one in Bournemouth was quite small. There was a reception area, a central office where the invigilators sat, and a couple of examination rooms either side. All the walls were glass, and I think all the booths had computers in. There was hardly anyone there, and I was lucky to be there having missing my ferry, got stuck in a traffic jam getting out of Southampton, and then sucked into a one-way system in Bournemouth. I wasn’t a perfect way to clear one’s mind. I shan’t go into the details of the exam (as I don’t think most readers will be interested in CPIs or critical paths or what to do when a contractor is late with a delivery) but I did pass. So now I am a PMP (Project Management Professional). For my reward I think I get a Mont Blanc pen. Nice. I shan’t ask for a pay rise, I’ll only get a laugh.


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