Fourth Time Lucky

I tried to write a blog update three times at the weekend, but the website kept swallowing it. This one will end up being much shorter and less humorous than it would have been.

Last week, my Mum, Clare, visited. She got to spend lots of time with Ella and having lots of chats and long walks. She demonstrated some incredibly fast feeding technique, swooping the spoon from cup (which we’ve been using for Ella’s food) to mouth, and wiping off the overspill from Ella’s mouth. Hannah’s Mum, Barbara, popped round on Thursday and so Ella got to be spoilt by two of her grandmothers for a time.

Ella got weighed as well. We had missed the week before (and today’s as well), so there was a big increase, and she was 13lb 11oz. Hannah did spot another baby at the clinic, and thought that it looked much the same size as Ella. She asked how old the baby was and he was only 4 weeks. So while we think Ella is getting big, and a strain on the arm when holding, she is still much smaller than many babies.


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