Ella has spent time with both her maternal aunties this week (ie Hannah’s sisters). Miriam was staying through the week, and spent lots of time being crazy with Ella. She recorded a ‘conversation’ on her phone which seemed to be the pair of them screaming at each other. She babysat on Wednesday so Hannah and I could go out to the cinema (to see The Golden Compass, not bad, but not very thrilling either, not up to Lord of the Rings standard). It has been quite a while since we went to the cinema (when we took Ella) and obviously many months since we went as a couple, so it was nice to turn up and buy the sweeties in relaxed style. What wasn’t relaxing was the fire alarm 10 minutes into the film, and the subsequent 15 minutes standing outside in the cold (at least it wasn’t wet). There didn’t appear to be any real drama, though. I can’t say the staff handled the crowd flooding back into the complex, they allowed a bit of a crush to develop while taking tickets. There was a woman having a strop to a manager as we went into the theatre about it.

Yesterday, Rachel came over to babysit while we went over to Southampton to go out for dinner with my friends. This was Rachel’s first time babysitting, so there could have been some nerves involved, but it all went well, with Ella going down to sleep easily and quickly, which isn’t guaranteed at the moment. Rachel managed to deal with baby poo, which is better than last time she saw it, when she was nearly sick. We had a lovely time out. It was a get-together as Aidy and Lana (who’s wedding we went to in Ireland in the summer) were over in the UK. We had hot curries and then some drinks after. Very civilised, and mosly non-baby.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hi. Mum here. Just reading this week’s blog to catch up on your news. But it is ages since you posted anything. Maybe have to phone you instead?

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