It’s Here

Yes, a blog update. Should really have done one a few days ago to mark the anniversary of starting the blog. Yes, blog readers, a whole year has passed since I started these updates on Hannah’s pregnancy. Ella is nearly 6 months old, and much has changed in those twelve short months.

Indeed, even in the past couple of weeks since the last posting, quite a bit has changed. Ella was getting really stroppy when put down to bed in her crib, so we decided to try putting her in her cot in her own room for her night sleeps. She has been having her day naps there for a long time now, so she is quite used to it. This worked a treat, and Ella is now sleeping in her proper bed in her own room. This does mean that when she wakes up in the night, I have to trudge bleary eyed downstairs to get her (as our bedroom is in the loft on the floor above Ella’s). She is, though, waking less, and has done a couple of all night sleeps since moving rooms.

She is also ‘talking’ a lot more, and if she is in the mood, will screech back at you when you talk to her, which is great. She laughs as well, which is wonderful to experience. She is nearly sitting up, and will sit slumped forward for a few seconds before tipping off to one side. The other thing that stops her from sitting is her want to throw herself backwards. Hannah has caught her rolling across our bed, when briefly left there, so it is no longer safe to leave her lying somewhere and expect her to be there later. She doesn’t move around much; for example, if you pop her under her baby gym she’ll not roll out of that and across the room. At the moment everything she grabs is going straight in her mouth, and she really likes paper and rustly bags. I think she’ll really enjoy Christmas Day and all that wrapping paper!

Yesterday we went up to London (through delightful foggy southern England) to visit my brother, Douglas, his wife, Joanna, and their daughters, Aliya and Lucy. It was great for Ella to play with her cousins, who she hasn’t seen since September, when Ella was somewhat moody in Peterborough. She had good fun with them, and took especial interest in Lucy’s pink Christmas tree.

I am in the process of knitting together the various bits of video we’ve taken of Ella this year. The intent was to have it available for Christmas, but so far I have done the baby shower, and five minutes of video, so there is a long way to go.


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