Ella’s First Christmas

Was Ella impressed and excited by Christmas? I think you can guess the answer. She had pretty much her normal morning routine, waking up at about 8:30, being fed and changed and popped back into bed. During her nap, Hannah and I did our presents. After 12, Barbara and her partner, Brian, came, as they were here for Christmas dinner. It was a sort of half-and-half arrangement, with Barbara bringing the meat. Once Barbara and Brian were settled with some drinks we started to do Ella’s presents. She had quite a few. She was more interested in the wrapping than the toys and things themselves. There were some that did catch her attention: her first dolly from her Gangan (Barbara), she was quite taken with that for a while; a musical snake from her Uncle David and Auntie Diane; and big, soft, colourful monkey with crunchy bits from her great grandparents (Chris’s Mum and Dad). Obviously she got lots more, and wasn’t very impressed with what we’d bought her (though they were for 6 months+, so I’m not bothered by that so long as she likes them as from tomorrow). It was quite a marathon present opening, and so was split across two sessions. Thanks to everyone for their generous gifts, Ella will get lots of fun and use from them. Hannah had bought Ella a tartan dress for the day, but by dinner time, Ella had been sick on it too often, and it needed changed. She did look very cute and like a big girl in it.

Apart from that, it was a conventional Christmas Day. The grown-ups ate too much, and watched television. We had a play of the Deal or No Deal DVD game that Barbara gave me, and I won (dealing at £4100, Hannah stuck it out to the last box, and won only 10p).

Ella was possibly rather over-excited, or having some teething pain, because she took ages to go to sleep at night, and cried quite a lot. We tried some Calpol and some Aston and Parsons Powders (recommended to us by Joanna at the weekend), and some extra feeds, and eventually she went off to sleep.

So we had a fun day, Ella won’t remember it, but she’ll get to see the pictures and video when she’s bigger. Mind you, at the rate I am editting video clips, she’ll be a lot older before yesterday’s bits see the light of day!

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