Happy 2008 from Glasgow

Happpy New Year to all. I hope 2008 is good for everyone.

We kicked it off in style in Glasgow at Jongleurs with Miri and Mark. Ella spent the night being watched by her Granny and Grandpa, and we stayed at Miri’s flat in the West End of Glasgow. We had a good time, drank rather a lot, and I’ve spent today recovering. Ella was well behaved for her grandparents.

We drove up here, to Clare’s, on Sunday. It was a fairly easy trip, as 450 miles journeys go. Ella slept almost all the time in the car, and was fed and changed during our two stops. She did have a bit of a grouch just before we came across the border, which was sorted by an extra stop to warm up some milk, and Hannah moving into the back seat to give her some attention. The start of the journey was much easier than usual because I had taken my mainland car across to the island, so we didn’t have the trauma of shifting lots of luggage, car seat, pram and presents down the the Red Jet and off it in Southampton. It also meant that we had a set time to get the ferry, whereas we usual have a target, and end up not being ready in time for it, or the next or the one after.

We’ve had a lovely day today too. Mark and Miri came back to Clare’s with us and had New Year’s dinner. I had to sneak off for a sleep in the afternoon. Ella, though, had trouble going down at night, probably a mixture of teething and over-excitement. Her behaviour was rather like Christmas night.

Tomorrow we’re off to Edinburgh for the day to visit Hamish and Christine, and Chris’s parents, Nan and Charlie. It’ll be another off routine day for Ella, and we’ll see how she copes. Generally, apart from this evening, she has been very good.

Is there space for some philosophical comments about 2008? Mmm, I don’t think so. I’ll just say it’ll not be as big for us as 2007 (no house moves, and no babies being born, and no job changes for me), but I am very much looking forward to watching Ella develop into a little girl. By the end of the year she’ll be walking and talking and really showing what sort of person she is going to be, and I’m sure she’ll be smashing.


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