Tired and Teething

I predict that there will be a number of blog updates on teething, indeed I may bore you with them. Last night was quite wakeful for Ella (and us) during the first half. It was another day when she saw lots of people – Hamish and Christine, and then Chris’s parents Nan and Charlie. This was all over in Edinburgh, so there was the added complication of a couple of car journeys. Ella was great while meeting all these people, and gave lots of smiles and obviously enjoyed herself. She seemed to have a moment of realisation looking in a mirror at Nan and Charlie’s and looking at it and then at Hamish stood behind us, and back at the mirror, then Hamish again and so on. I think it clicked that what she could see in the mirror was what was around her.

Anyway after that busy day, we put her down to bed, and she was okay for an hour or so, but then started grouching. A number of trips to her cot to put the dummy back in, or give her Calpol didn’t settle her. Even Hannah going to bed and feeding her didn’t help. When I came to bed we tried some controlled crying, or whatever it is called, when you just leave your baby for a set period of time (5 or 10 minutes) to see if she’ll settle and go to sleep. It took a few goes of that, interspersed with cuddles and Ashton and Parson’s powder before she finally went off to sleep at about 12:20am. She did wake up an hour later, took a feed and went back to sleep, and slept for a good long time after that.

She does have the other symptoms of teething: red cheeks and drooling, so we are fairly sure that the process has begun. As I say I am sure I’ll make mention of it again.

While we’ve been here Ella has managed to pee and poo on her Granny during a nappy change, and did the most enormous burp that turned into vomit last night. Doing lots of proper baby things.

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