New Year, New Challenges

Well, we’re back home now, having returned last Friday, through a monsoon south of Birmingham. I’m back at work, and it’s continued to rain all week. English winters are such fun.

On Sunday there was a family get-together at Barbara’s. Rachel and Tony came across from Portsmouth, so this was Uncle Tony’s first time seeing Ella. I won’t say he was overjoyed at getting some baby time, but he did seem to like her. They were treated to a ride in our car with a flat tyre, having to make a stop at a garage to blow it up. It was a little embarrassing bumping over the speed humps knowing that it was damaging my wheel. That’s a trip to the garage this weekend. The meal at Barbara’s went well, and everyone was overfed. There was a ghastly incident though, as Ella was lying on a couch behind Hannah and I, and halfway through the meal she cried out. I turned and saw her dummy jammed in her mouth, not in the orientation it is meant to be, rather lengthways between her gums. I have no idea how she managed to jam it in there, and I had to use quite a bit of force to pull it out, as well as opening her jaw up a little more. It was all over quickly, but Ella was upset and got some calming breast milk to help soothe her. We’ll not be using the dummies for youger age groups anymore.

Since then Ella has experienced her first rusk. She tries to take part in her spoon feeding, but is discouraged at the moment to avoid mess, especially as she rarely hits her mouth when she does get to play with the spoon. So Hannah said she was quite surprised when she was given the rusk that she got to put something that was food in her mouth without it being taken away for adult control. Also, she has had her first drink (of water) from a baby cup. Again, Hannah said that she took to the with gusto.

Recently, though, Ella has been somewhat grouchier. We’re not sure if it is because she hasn’t been out for a walk in her pram since we got back (bad weather), or because she is frustrated by the fact she can’t move around. She is more aware of her surroundings than she is capable of interacting with them. She is rolling from her back to her front all the time now, even at night, but she doesn’t really roll the other way (though we have seen her doing it). This leaves her stranded, like a very small whale, on her belly, whimpering a bit because she can’t return to her back with her hands free.

On Wednesday Ella was weighed and is now 16 lbs 1 oz, meaning she has put on a pound and a half in the last four weeks. She is now on the 25th percentile.

Time for me to dash off for the new season of ER.

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