It Does Happen

Occasionally I do some DIY. Yesterday I got around to filling a hole in the wall at the back of our house where a pipe has been put. It’s was quite large, and quite inaccessible because it has a fence panel in front of it, and is down at ground level. I decided to fill it with mortar, with some newspaper to give some structure and prevent the mortar disappearing into the void under the house. Hannah especially wanted me to blog this because she made a number of good suggestions, which I’ll list:

  • Put down a dust sheet and some bin bags on the patio for mixing up the mortar and water to prevent making a mess of the patio. This was successful in as much as I didn’t make a mess of the patio.
  • Break a brick and use it to fill up part of the hole. This was after I had built up a base of mortar. The big problem with the idea was that the fence didn’t allow enough space to insert anything bigger than 4 inches across. I had already unattached the fence panel at the bottom and I managed to reach along behind the fence, while pulling it away, to shove the brick part in the hole.

I haven’t checked to see if the endeavour has worked, I’ll do that later today. I think there is some risk of my mortar mixture having been too dry, and in fact I have filled the hole with dry sand and concrete.

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