Ella at Nearly Seven Months

Ella is now sitting really well. She isn’t at the stage where she can pull herself up to sitting at all, but when put down she’ll sit for a few minutes before doing something, such as such suddenly looking around, which makes her fall over. Falling over can surprise her somewhat, and lead to a few tears, but it is required so that she learns when she is about to fall and how to correct that. Tough love, and all that. It’s great to see her being ever so slightly more independent. A baby sitting up on her own seems a lot more like a proper person, if you see what I mean.

One thing she really likes at the moment is bouncing up and down on her feet. If you pick her up and put her down on the ground so that she is in a standing position, she jump on her feet. It’s quite amusing, and she loves it.

She continues to eat well and is fairly open to new flavours. Occasionally she goes ‘bleuch’, but she is probably eating more vegetables than I do! Admittedly paper is one of her favourites, but that is really to be avoided. Her latest weight is 16lb 13oz, and she is heading up towards the 50th percentile, meaning she isn’t so small anymore. Her teeth continue to come through, and, to her credit, she isn’t making much fuss (at the moment) about teething, a relief indeed.

I would hazard that her sleeping is a bit more reliable now, but Hannah says that Ella is spending less time in the day napping, so it’s a trade off, and a sign that Ella is getting more used to the grown-up rhythm of sleeping at night, and being active during the day (not that we grown-ups always feel active all day long). It’s been a while since Ella has woken up twice in the night, and there are frequent times when she sleeps all the way through, which is great.


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