New Toys

Not toys for Ella, but toys for me! Our old telly (which I bought for the World Cup in 2002) is behaving badly, with ghost images on the screen, and bad colours. Therefore, before Christmas, we decided to buy a new TV in the sales. We also decided we would mount it on the wall above the fireplace in the living room, freeing up a bit of shelf space, and making it more central, and hence easier to see from one of our sofas. After some research I chose the Toshiba 37X3030D. We don’t need anything bigger for the room, but a bigger screen should make watching easier for Hannah with her dodgy eyes. The original budget was £1000, but this good telly in the size we want is only around £650, so that freed up some budget for something else. Well, when buying a HDTV, it makes sense to have some kind of HD source (and Wightcable don’t strike me as being the fastest adopters). So that meant a choice between HD-DVD or Blu-ray. In the end I opted for Blu-ray using a Playstation 3, because at least you get a games console and media centre should Blu-ray lose the format battle. The PS3 costs the same as any other Blu-ray player, so it’s a bargain in many respects.

The PS3 has been in the house a while now, having been ordered two weeks ago, and the telly finally arrives today, having had to reorder it through Amazon because Play fiddled around with their security checks on my card transaction and by the time they were satisfied the TV was out of stock.

Tomorrow I hope to use some of Barbara’s partner, Brian’s, help and knowledge to mount the TV on the wall. I’m very much looking forward to entering the HD world (Spiderman 3 and Casino Royale being part of the PS3 bundle from HMV, though my bundle seems to have been discontinued), and playing anyone online with the PS3 (only got Motorstorm at the moment, as recommended by Steve).


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