New Telly Arrives

The TV successfully turned up yesterday, and today I’ll be mounting it on the wall. This could either result in the destruction of a wall, accidental damage through gravitional pull to the television or a nice looking TV hung above a fireplace. Of course, after mounting it, the complex process of attaching a cable box, video player and PS3 will take place, and that could result in much frustration.

An addendum: while CityLink managed to ship a 25kg package from Amazon to my door in less than 24 hours, Royal Mail Special Delivery was not so successful with a PS3 game. Now I can reclaim some of my guaranteed delivery fee.

One Response to “New Telly Arrives”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Mum here.
    I trust the new tv is up and playing. So much new technology for me to see. Looking forward to a night in front of it.
    Love to all.

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