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Double Firsts

February 10, 2008

Just a quickie to say that today Ella brushed her teeth for this first time (or had them brushed for her), and also she did some creeping for the first time too. For the un-initiated in baby jargon, creeping is the stage before crawling, when babies can push with their arms, but can’t use their legs to stop them going backwards. I popped Ella in her baby gym this morning, popped out the living room, and Hannah went in shortly after me, and called me through to ask if I had put Ella down where Hannah had found her. Ella was now at the opposite corner of the rug to the baby gym, so she had motored herself across the rug, and indeed, managed to rotate herself round 90 degrees. The point at which we have to baby proof the home is fast approaching.

Also coming soon is Ella’s first high chair, which after experiencing cousin Lucy’s booster seat last weekend, will be not a proper high chair, but one of these.



February 9, 2008

Currently Ella has a cold, and snot flows freely from her nose. I can reassure you that the combination of baby food porridge and snot on her upper lip is quite unpleasant. She is dealing with this current discomfort admirably, though she does get crabby and doesn’t like having her nose wiped at all.

She has been sleeping quite regularly at night this week, almost always waking up between 7:30 and 8am. She hasn’t woken up when sleeping at home for ages now, which is great. She is sitting well and reaching around herself to get to toys. She still ‘swims’ when put on her tummy, but is getting towards pulling her legs up. Her top two teeth haven’t appeared yet, so we still only have the bottom two.

Last weekend we were away in Bognor with my family to celebrate our niece’s first birthday. My brother, Douglas, had hired a big holiday home for lots of family to gather in, both his and his wife, Joanna’s. We all had a great time, and Ella got to play with three other little girls, though Aliya (Douglas’s eldest) and Ellycia (Joanna’s other niece) more played with Ella than it being a mutual thing, as they are 3 and 6, so a bit beyond Ella’s level of understanding. Ella did have some good quality playing with Lucy, Douglas’s youngest whose birthday it was. They shared a bath together at one point and had baby arguements over who should get to play with Ella’s plastic bath book of Elmer. The was most amusing. We have some photos of Lucy taking Ella’s dummy away and putting it back in Ella’s mouth, which is quite cute. It was definitely great for Ella to have an extended period living with other little children.

The rest of us had fun too. I won’t give much detail on my hopeless drawing during a game of Pictionary, nor Scotland’s dismal performance against France in the Six Nations rugby. There was plenty of very nice cake, made by Joanna’s dad, and a surprisingly cheap Indian takeaway. Lovely.

Tonight it is Barbara’s partner’s (Brian) birthday party and Hannah’s sister and her husband, Rachel and Tony are staying over with us, so more time for Ella to spend spreading snot on her family.