Arrival in Boston

I’m writing this from my suite in Burlington, on the outskirts of Boston. I’m not long arrived, and ought to go to bed, given that my body reckons it is 4:15am. The flight was fairly normal, but had rubbish films. Getting through immigration and customs was reasonably swift, and my navigation got us to the hotel directly. There were three of us from work on the flight, though we weren’t sitting together because our booking was made quite late, and the flight was already full (seats seemed to have been pre-assigned). Turns out the other two were working anyway, so there wouldn’t have been much conversation.

So I’ll be tootling off to bed shortly. I have three to choose from, as this is a double suite. It’s not as fancy as it sounds, as suite hotels are quite common in the US, but there is certainly more space than I need for three nights.


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